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Visatempo operates in various sectors and in different professional areas and develops its activity within the scope of human resources management.

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The continuous mutations in the labour market require monitoring and modernisation and Professional Training plays a crucial role here, providing employees with the resources and know-how to carry out their duties properly.

Indor Services

Aimed at companies with a large volume of temporary workers, this service offers an immediate response to unexpected demands.
Through a dedicated consultant, we provide professional advice, offer the best Human Resources solutions at the lowest cost and supervise the entire operation.


It aims to maximize the productivity of companies and there is a 100% control of costs, unforeseen costs being avoided.
Based on a previously defined fixed amount, we are in charge of managing the human resources, supervising operations and supplying equipment and uniforms, when necessary.

Recruitment and selection:

Through this service, we identify employees with the most suitable profile according to the customer requirements.
We carry out the entire process of analyzing CVs, selecting and interviewing candidates and, since we have a diverse range of potential candidates with different skills, we are able to quickly identify the most suitable candidate for the job.

Contract management

This service frees the client from all the hiring bureaucratic process.
We will take care of the entire process, keeping the employee on a temporary work regime, and the company only needs to inform us of the employee to be hired and the respective conditions.
We also take care of all legal follow-up of the employee hiring process.

Temporary work:

It aims to offer companies a quick and efficient response in case of unforeseen needs due to seasonal reasons, increased workload, sick leave or holidays.
This solution allows a shift from fixed costs to variable costs.

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